The Pearce family built the house in 1906, they were one of the first families to establish themselves in the region. The family is well known for importing lumber from the North, and establishing mills and processing plants in Marmora The Pearce family stayed in the area until the 1950’s, until their commercial endeavours were no longer generating revenue. For more on the Thomas Pearce family, please visit the Marmora Historical Foundation.

The property 29 Bursthall has a long and rich tradition. Purchased by Henry Reginald Pearce, known as “Reginald”, the son of Thomas Pearce then hired Ed Shannon, a builder of many local buildings, to build the stately home. He lived with his wife Elizabeth Hettie Bowen and their daughter, Margaret, and son, Thomas.

After his father, son Thomas Pearce lived at 29 Bursthall, continuing to remain in the family home with his wife Billie Oake and their three children Peter, Bruce and Susan. The elegant home, amongst its various other incarnations, eventually became the home for the succeeding families of Peter and Georgia Beare and Dan and Audrey Bateman.

The house then went on through many uses such as, apartment rentals, real estate offices and a children’s group home. In 1990, the 29 Bursthall was finally converted into a Bed and Breakfast by Chris & Lilly Boldy and eventually made its way to the lives of Rui & Kathy Pereira, who spent many hours renovating and lovingly re-imagining every detail of the house.