Fall Love & “Ants in my Pants”

If you know anything about me, you know that I am absolutely in love with the Fall.

The reasons for my complete admiration for the season don’t differ too much from all you other fall lovers.
I mean c’mon, what’s not to love?
The colours, the harvest, the pumpkins, the blankets, the gatherings, the sweaters.

The sweaters.
I have a legitimate addiction to green sweaters.
It’s a problem that might actually need addressing.

But how about the ideological reminders that nature provides, the reminders to slow down and notice change?

On Slowing Down

We make a movement inwards this season, we move slower, find more time to connect with loved ones and notice the changes in the leaves as they dance towards the ground.

I think I will forever need to be reminded to slow-my-row.
I was born two weeks early, and ever since I have been in a great rush to get… no where.. fast.

And how about that “Ants in my Pants” story, have you heard it at the Inn yet?

Well, here it is.

Ants In Your Pants

When I was a child, I had so much energy, sometimes my parents just didn’t know what to do with me. My Father would call me Macacchina, Portuguese for little monkey. And in pubic places, sometimes I can still hear my mothers voice, so patiently reminding me, “Laura, this is not a playground.” I just didn’t want to stop moving.

One evening when I was about 5 years old, we sat down to eat dinner, as we did every night.
But this evening, we had company and gathered around the formal table.
We sat at my fathers beautiful solid wooden table, engraved with floral designs, screaming of elegance and old-school tradition.

I sat at the head of the table, and squirmed in my seat.
I just could not sit still.

My mother turned to me in frustration and asked, “Laura, can’t you sit still, or do you have Ants in Your Pants?!”
I was pretty much horrified, “Nooooo I don’t have ants in my pants!” I cried out.

My older brother and sister just loved this idea. They immediately started teasing me, repeating over and over again that I must have ants in my pants.  Despite all my pleading for it to end, and despite my insistance that little critters were not squirming away beneath my clothing, the ridicule continued. “Laura has ants in her pants!” my brother declared.

I became so agitated and determined to prove myself ant-free.
I climbed out of my wooden seat, placed one foot on top of the table, and then another.
Standing proud and tall on the formal dinning room table, I placed my hands around my waste band, pulled my pants down towards my knees and screamed out loud,
“LOOK!” demanding attention, “I DO NOT HAVE ANTS IN MY PANTS”

Well, needless to say, two decades later, my family continues to taunt me with this story. I am indeed, a bit of an over-achiever, and tend to bite off far more than I can chew. Sometimes I want to chase all my dreams at once and I end up chasing only my tail.

If you can relate, I urge you, don’t be afraid of the ants in your pants, if your enthusiasm for life is anything like mine, it could indeed be your greatest gift. But let’s use this energy wisely, shall we?
Let’s move slowly, intentionally, towards the life we’ve imagined for ourselves.

The Table

I am learning to pay fuller attention to my unique energetic spirit, and to sit comfortably at the tables within my home. For the table is where we gather for feast, it’s where we sit and drink tea, or sip coffee and have soulful conversations. The table is where I sit to write, to read, to converse and to connect.

Can you sit still at the dinning room table? Put the phones away, and give your face, your attention to those that surround.


  1. Natasha Pereira

    Do they have support groups for Green Sweater Lovers? I think you could use one of those sis 😉

  2. Natasha Pereira

    The ants in her pants have chased her all the way to British Columbia, slow down, relax and breath in the fresh fall air and all the bounty that fall gives us and the beauty of the change of colours in the abundant foliage that surrounds us.

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